I gratefully thank my wife, Jackie, for her loving support, patience, valuable comments, and willing ear through all these many years.  Her gentle, loving, unobtrusive guidance, her delicate rein when I became too enthusiastic, her patient encouragement when I lost my vision, have been a frequent saving grace.  She has been my inspiration and my guardian angel.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to my son, Alan Rubin, for his brilliant insights and thoughtful suggestions for improving and streamlining my production of this web site, and his helpful critiques of some of my thoughts.

The Hebrew text that appears on this site has been derived from three different sources.  For the chapters from Genesis to Deuteronomy, the Hebrew text was copied from the Internet Sacred Text Archive CD-ROM produced by J. B. Hare.

Because of difficulties introduced by artifacts in the Hebrew text on the CD, I switched to two other sources with the beginning of Joshua on.

The primary source was the Hebrew text displayed on the Westminster Leningrad Codex web site whose address is http://tanach.us.  Unfortunately, this page is difficult to access from a browser.

The second was the Biblos web site at http://bhcv.hebrewtanakh.com, using the Hebrew text of the bible displayed on the BHS selection.  To reach this selection, click on the down arrow of the Hebrew drop down menu, and highlight “BHS Hebrew OT.”

The respective organizations responsible for each of these sites have granted permission to copy their text, and for that I am very grateful.  Without them this web site would never have been possible.

None of the three sources is without error, but any errors in the reproduction of their Hebrew that appear on this web site are due to my own negligence.

This web site and its companion site www.rubinhood.org was designed using the fine software NetObjects Fusion 11.0 (and quite remarkable, given it was not intended to handle right-to-left text).  My thanks to the company for their prompt and informative responses to my frequent questions whenever I ran into difficulties.  For the last few years I have been editing and correcting these pages, and for that I have upgraded the web design software to NetObjects Fusion 12.0.



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