The genealogy of Jacob, begun here, continues through to 1Chr. 8:40.

אֵלֶּה בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל רְאוּבֵן שִׁמְעוֹן לֵוִי וִיהוּדָה יִשָׂשכָר וּזְבֻלוּן׃   2:1

1Chr 2:1   These were the sons of Israel:  Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun,

דָּן יוֹסֵף וּבִנְיָמִן נַפְתָּלִי גָּד וְאָשֵׁר׃   2:2

1Chr 2:2   Dan, Joseph, and Benjamin, Naphtali, Gad, and Asher.

בְּנֵי יְהוּדָה עֵר וְאוֹנָן וְשֵׁלָה שְׁלוֹשָׁה נוֹלַד לוֹ מִבַּת־שׁוּעַ הַכְּנַעֲנִית וַיְהִי עֵר בְּכוֹר יְהוּדָה רַע בְּעֵינֵי   2:3

  יְהוָה וַיְמִיתֵהוּ׃

1Chr 2:3   The sons of Judah were Er, and Onan, and Shelah, three born to him from Bath-shua, the Canaanitess.   But Er, the first born of Judah, was wicked in the eyes of the Lord, and He slew him.

The chronicler apparently considered Judah, the direct ancestor of David, to be historically the most important of Jacob’s descendants (rightly so), so he started with him.

וְתָמָר כַּלָּתוֹ יָלְדָה לּוֹ אֶת־פֶּרֶץ וְאֶת־זָרַח כָּל־בְּנֵי יְהוּדָה חֲמִשָּׁה׃   2:4

1Chr 2:4   Then Tamar, his daughter-in-law, bore for him Perez and Zerah.  All the sons of Judah were five.

בְּנֵי־פֶרֶץ חֶצְרוֹן וְחָמוּל׃   2:5

1Chr 2:5   The sons of Perez were Hezron and Hamul.

וּבְנֵי זֶרַח זִמְרִי וְאֵיתָן וְהֵימָן וְכַלְכֹּל וָדָרַע כֻּלָּם חֲמִשָּׁה׃   2:6

1Chr 2:6   And the sons of Zerah were Zimri, and Ethan, and Haman, and Calcol, and Dara.   All of them were five.

וּבְנֵי כַּרְמִי עָכָר עוֹכֵר יִשְׂרָאֵל אֲשֶׁר מָעַל בַּחֵרֶם׃   2:7

1Chr 2:7   And of the sons of Carmi there was Achar, a troubler of Israel, who transgressed because of a devoted thing.

There are two Carmis identified in the bible.  The first, mentioned in Gene. 46:9, is a son of Reuben.  As the sons of Reuben are included later in this genealogy (Chapter 5), this Carmi may not be that CarmiJosh. 7:1 mentions a Carmi, a grandson of Zerah, and he is undoubtedly the Carmi mentioned here.  The Zabdi mentioned there is identified with the Zimri found here.  Thus Carmi was likely the son of Zimri.  Now here the son of Carmi is named Achar, whereas in Josh. 7:1 he is named Achan.  Why such discrepancies in names, I wonder?

וּבְנֵי אֵיתָן עֲזַרְיָה׃   2:8

1Chr 2:8   And of the sons of Ethan was Azariah.

וּבְנֵי חֶצְרוֹן אֲשֶׁר נוֹלַד־לוֹ אֶת־יְרַחְמְאֵל וְאֶת־רָם וְאֶת־כְּלוּבָי׃   2:9

1Chr 2:9   And the sons of Hezron whom he had born to him were Jerahmeel, and Ram, and Chelubai.

וְרָם הוֹלִיד אֶת־עַמִּינָדָב וְעַמִּינָדָב הוֹלִיד אֶת־נַחְשׁוֹן נְשִׂיא בְּנֵי יְהוּדָה׃   2:10

1Chr 2:10   And Ram begot Amminadab.   And Amminadab begot Nahshon, a prince of the children of Judah.

וְנַחְשׁוֹן הוֹלִיד אֶת־שַׂלְמָא וְשַׂלְמָא הוֹלִיד אֶת־בֹּעַז׃   2:11

1Chr 2:11   And Nahshon begot Salma, and Salma begot Boaz.

וּבֹעַז הוֹלִיד אֶת־עוֹבֵד וְעוֹבֵד הוֹלִיד אֶת־יִשָׁי׃   2:12

1Chr 2:12   And Boaz begot Obed, and Obed begot Jesse.

וְאִישַׁי הוֹלִיד אֶת־בְּכֹרוֹ אֶת־אֱלִיאָב וַאֲבִינָדָב הַשֵּׁנִי וְשִׁמְעָא הַשְּׁלִישִׁי׃   2:13

1Chr 2:13   And Jesse begot his first born, Eliab, and Abinadab was the second, and Shimea, the third,

נְתַנְאֵל הָרְבִיעִי רַדַּי הַחֲמִישִׁי׃   2:14

1Chr 2:14   Nethanel, the fourth, Raddai, the fifth,

אֹצֶם הַשִּׁשִּׁי דָּוִיד הַשְּׁבִעִי׃   2:15

1Chr 2:15   Ozem, the sixth, David, the seventh.

 וְאַחְיֹתֵיהֶם) [וְאַחְיֹותֵיהֶם] צְרוּיָה וַאֲבִיגָיִל וּבְנֵי צְרוּיָה אַבְשַׁי וְיֹואָב וַעֲשָׂה־אֵל שְׁלֹשָׁה׃   2:16

1Chr 2:16   and their sisters were Zeruiah and Abigail.  And the sons of Seruiah were Abishai, and Joab, and Asah-el, three.

The word before the left parenthesis, translated as and their sisters, is not really misspelled.  The missing vav that is added in the brackets represents a contraction that often occurs in the Hebrew text throughout the bible.  However, strictly speaking, one might consider the first yad to be an error. And If there is an error in the word, that’s the one I’d identify.  It should be the “missing” vav.

וַאֲבִיגַיִל יָלְדָה אֶת־עֲמָשָׂא וַאֲבִי עֲמָשָׂא יֶתֶר הַיִּשְׁמְעֵאלִי׃   2:17

1Chr 2:17   And Abigail bore Amasa, and the father of Amasa was Jether, the Ishmaelite.

וְכָלֵב בֶּן־חֶצְרוֹן הוֹלִיד אֶת־עֲזוּבָה אִשָּׁה וְאֶת־יְרִיעוֹת וְאֵלֶּה בָנֶיהָ יֵשֶׁר וְשׁוֹבָב וְאַרְדּוֹן׃   2:18

1Chr 2:18   And Caleb son of Hezron begot with Azubah, a wife (and with Jerioth), and these were her sons:  Jesher, and Shobab, and Ardon.

The Caleb son of Hezron mentioned here is identified as Chelubai in v. 9 above.

וַתָּמָת עֲזוּבָה וַיִּקַּח־לוֹ כָלֵב אֶת־אֶפְרָת וַתֵּלֶד לוֹ אֶת־חוּר׃   2:19

1Chr 2:19   And Azubah died, and Caleb took Ephrath to himself, and she bore Hur for him.

וְחוּר הוֹלִיד אֶת־אוּרִי וְאוּרִי הוֹלִיד אֶת־בְּצַלְאֵל׃   2:20

1Chr 2:20   And Hur begot Uri, and Uri begot Bezalel.

וְאַחַר בָּא חֶצְרוֹן אֶל־בַּת־מָכִיר אֲבִי גִלְעָד וְהוּא לְקָחָהּ וְהוּא בֶּן־שִׁשִּׁים שָׁנָה וַתֵּלֶד לוֹ אֶת־שְׂגוּב׃   2:21

1Chr 2:21   And afterward Hezron entered in to the daughter of Machir, the father of Gilead, and he took her when he was sixty years old, and she bore Segub for him.

וּשְׂגוּב הוֹלִיד אֶת־יָאִיר וַיְהִי־לוֹ עֶשְׂרִים וְשָׁלוֹשׁ עָרִים בְּאֶרֶץ הַגִּלְעָד׃   2:22

1Chr 2:22   And Segub begot Jair, and he had twenty-three cities in the land of Gilead.

וַיִּקַּח גְּשׁוּר־וַאֲרָם אֶת־חַוֺּת יָאִיר מֵאִתָּם אֶת־קְנָת וְאֶת־בְּנֹתֶיהָ שִׁשִּׁים עִיר כָּל־אֵלֶּה בְּנֵי מָכִיר   2:23


1Chr 2:23   But Gesher took, with Aram, Havvoth-jair from them, Kenath and its villages -- sixty towns.   All these were the sons of Machir, father of Gilead.

וְאַחַר מוֹת־חֶצְרוֹן בְּכָלֵב אֶפְרָתָה וְאֵשֶׁת חֶצְרוֹן אֲבִיָּה וַתֵּלֶד לוֹ אֶת־אַשְׁחוּר אֲבִי תְקוֹעַ׃   2:24

1Chr 2:24   And after the death of Hezron in Caleb-ephrath, and the wife of Hezron was Abiah, then she bore for him Ashhur, the father of Tekoa.

וַיִּהְיוּ בְנֵי־יְרַחְמְאֵל בְּכוֹר חֶצְרוֹן הַבְּכוֹר רָם וּבוּנָה וָאֹרֶן וָאֹצֶם אֲחִיָּה׃   2:25

1Chr 2:25   And the sons of Jerahmeel, the first born of Hezron, were Ram, the first born, and Bunah, and Oren, and Ozem, Ahijah.

וַתְּהִי אִשָּׁה אַחֶרֶת לִירַחְמְאֵל וּשְׁמָהּ עֲטָרָה הִיא אֵם אוֹנָם׃   2:26

1Chr 2:26   And there was another wife for Jarahmeel, and her name was Atarah; she the mother of Onam.

וַיִּהְיוּ בְנֵי־רָם בְּכוֹר יְרַחְמְאֵל מַעַץ וְיָמִין וָעֵקֶר׃   2:27

1Chr 2:27   And the sons of Ram, the first born of Jerahmeel, were Maaz, and Jamin, and Eker.

וַיִּהְיוּ בְנֵי־אוֹנָם שַׁמַּי וְיָדָע וּבְנֵי שַׁמַּי נָדָב וַאֲבִישׁוּר׃   2:28

1Chr 2:28   And the sons of Onam were Shammai and Jada.   And the sons of Shammai were Nabab and Abishur.

וְשֵׁם אֵשֶׁת אֲבִישׁוּר אֲבִיהָיִל וַתֵּלֶד לוֹ אֶת־אַחְבָּן וְאֶת־מוֹלִיד׃   2:29

1Chr 2:29   And the name of the wife of Abishur was Abihail, and she bore Ahban and Molid for him.

וּבְנֵי נָדָב סֶלֶד וְאַפָּיִם וַיָּמָת סֶלֶד לֹא בָנִים׃   2:30

1Chr 2:30   And the sons of Nadab were Seled and Appaim, but Seled died without children.

וּבְנֵי אַפַּיִם יִשְׁעִי וּבְנֵי יִשְׁעִי שֵׁשָׁן וּבְנֵי שֵׁשָׁן אַחְלָי׃   2:31

1Chr 2:31   And of the sons of Appaim was Ishi.   And of the sons of Ishi was Sheshan.  And of the sons of Sheshan?   Oh, would that there were!

וּבְנֵי יָדָע אֲחִי שַׁמַּי יֶתֶר וְיוֹנָתָן וַיָּמָת יֶתֶר לֹא בָנִים׃   2:32

1Chr 2:32   And the sons of Jada, the brother of Shammai, were Jether and Jonathan, but Jether died without children.

וּבְנֵי יוֹנָתָן פֶּלֶת וְזָזָא אֵלֶּה הָיוּ בְּנֵי יְרַחְמְאֵל׃   2:33

1Chr 2:33   And the sons of Jonathan were Peleth and Zaza.  These were the sons of Jerahmeel.

וְלֹא־הָיָה לְשֵׁשָׁן בָּנִים כִּי אִם־בָּנוֹת וּלְשֵׁשָׁן עֶבֶד מִצְרִי וּשְׁמוֹ יַרְחָע׃   2:34

1Chr 2:34   Now Sheshan had no sons, only daughters.  And Sheshan's servant was an Egyptian whose name was Jarha.

וַיִּתֵּן שֵׁשָׁן אֶת־בִּתּוֹ לְיַרְחָע עַבְדּוֹ לְאִשָּׁה וַתֵּלֶד לוֹ אֶת־עַתָּי׃   2:35

1Chr 2:35   And Sheshan gave a daughter of his to Jarha, his servant, for a wife, and she bore Attai for him.

וְעַתַּי הֹלִיד אֶת־נָתָן וְנָתָן הוֹלִיד אֶת־זָבָד׃   2:36

1Chr 2:36   And Attai begot Nathan, and Nathan begot Zabad,

וְזָבָד הוֹלִיד אֶת־אֶפְלָל וְאֶפְלָל הוֹלִיד אֶת־עוֹבֵד׃   2:37

1Chr 2:37   and Zabad begot Ephlal, and Ephlal begot Obed,

וְעוֹבֵד הוֹלִיד אֶת־יֵהוּא וְיֵהוּא הוֹלִיד אֶת־עֲזַרְיָה׃   2:38

1Chr 2:38   and Obed begot Jehu, and Jehu begot Azariah,

וַעֲזַרְיָה הֹלִיד אֶת־חָלֶץ וְחֶלֶץ הֹלִיד אֶת־אֶלְעָשָׂה׃   2:39

1Chr 2:39   and Azariah begot Helez, and Helez begot Eleasah,

וְאֶלְעָשָׂה הֹלִיד אֶת־סִסְמָי וְסִסְמַי הֹלִיד אֶת־שַׁלּוּם׃   2:40

1Chr 2:40   and Eleasah begot Sisamai, and Sisamai begot Shallum,

וְשַׁלּוּם הוֹלִיד אֶת־יְקַמְיָה וִיקַמְיָה הֹלִיד אֶת־אֱלִישָׁמָע׃   2:41

1Chr 2:41   and Shallum begot Jekamiah, and jekamiah begot Elishama.

וּבְנֵי כָלֵב אֲחִי יְרַחְמְאֵל מֵישָׁע בְּכֹרוֹ הוּא אֲבִי־זִיף וּבְנֵי מָרֵשָׁה אֲבִי חֶבְרוֹן׃   2:42

1Chr 2:42   And of the sons of Caleb, the brother of Jerahmeel, was Mesha, his first born.   He was the father of Ziph and the sons of Mareshah, the father of Hebron.

The Hebrew in this verse makes little sense, especially the last part.  As I interpret it, Mesha was the father of Ziph, Mareshah, and Hebron.  Scholars seem to have reconciled the Hebrew by concluding that at least one of the names is of a place, not a person.  That would make this verse rather unique in this chapter.  Besides, the only name that could be of a place in this verse is Mareshah.  In Chapter 4, the name Mareshah is mentioned again, and there Er son of Shelea is his (or its) father.  I suspect these Mareshahs are two different persons.

וּבְנֵי חֶבְרוֹן קֹרַח וְתַפֻּחַ וְרֶקֶם וָשָׁמַע׃   2:43

1Chr 2:43   And the sons of Hebron were Korah, and Tappuah, and Rekem, and Shema.

וְשֶׁמַע הוֹלִיד אֶת־רַחַם אֲבִי יָרְקֳעָם וְרֶקֶם הוֹלִיד אֶת־שַׁמָּי׃   2:44

1Chr 2:44   And Shema begot Raham, the father of Jorkeam, and Rekem begot Shammai.

וּבֶן־שַׁמַּי מָעוֹן וּמָעוֹן אֲבִי בֵית־צוּר׃   2:45

1Chr 2:45   And the son of Shammai was Maon, and Maon was the father of Beth-zur.

וְעֵיפָה פִּילֶגֶשׁ כָּלֵב יָלְדָה אֶת־חָרָן וְאֶת־מוֹצָא וְאֶת־גָּזֵז וְחָרָן הֹלִיד אֶת־גָּזֵז׃   2:46

1Chr 2:46   And Ephah, a concubine of Caleb, bore Haran, and Moza, and Gazez.  And Haran begot Gazez.

וּבְנֵי יָהְדָּי רֶגֶם וְיוֹתָם וְגֵישָׁן וָפֶלֶט וְעֵיפָה וָשָׁעַף׃   2:47

1Chr 2:47   And the sons of Jahdai were Regem, and Jotham, and Geshan, and Pelet, and Ephah, and Shaaph.

פִּלֶגֶשׁ כָּלֵב מַעֲכָה יָלַד שֶׁבֶר וְאֶת־תִּרְחֲנָה׃   2:48

1Chr 2:48   Maacah, a concubine of Caleb, bore Sheber and Tirhanah.

A minor oddity in this verse.  Here, Maacah, Caleb’s concubine bore these two sons.  Now Maacah is obviously feminine.  But the verb bore is masculine.  Moreover, in the next verse, where more of Maacah’s sons are mentioned, the verb bore is correctly feminine.

וַתֵּלֶד שַׁעַף אֲבִי מַדְמַנָּה אֶת־שְׁוָא אֲבִי מַכְבֵּנָה וַאֲבִי גִבְעָא וּבַת־כָּלֵב עַכְסָה׃   2:49

1Chr 2:49   And she bore Shaaf, the father of Madmannah, Sheva, the father of Machbenah and the father of Gibea.   And Achsah was a daughter of Caleb.

אֵלֶּה הָיוּ בְּנֵי כָלֵב בֶּן־חוּר בְּכוֹר אֶפְרָתָה שׁוֹבָל אֲבִי קִרְיַת יְעָרִים׃   2:50

1Chr 2:50   These were the children of Caleb.   A son of Hur, the first born, was Ephrath; Shobal was the father of Kiriath-jearim;

שַׂלְמָא אֲבִי בֵית־לָחֶם חָרֵף אֲבִי בֵית־גָּדֵר׃   2:51

1Chr 2:51   Salma was the father of Beth-lehem; Hareph was the father of Beth-gader.

וַיִּהְיוּ בָנִים לְשׁוֹבָל אֲבִי קִרְיַת יְעָרִים הָרֹאֶה חֲצִי הַמְּנֻחוֹת׃   2:52

1Chr 2:52   And there were sons for Shobal, the father of Kiriath-jearim; Haroeh was half the Menuhoth.

וּמִשְׁפְּחוֹת קִרְיַת יְעָרִים הַיִּתְרִי וְהַפּוּתִי וְהַשֻּׁמָתִי וְהַמִּשְׁרָעִי מֵאֵלֶּה יָצְאוּ הַצָּרְעָתִי וְהָאֶשְׁתָּאֻלִי׃   2:53

1Chr 2:53   And the families of Kiriath-jearim were the Ishrite, and the Puthite, and the Shumathite, and the Mishraite.   From these emerged the Zorathite and the Eshtaolite.

בְּנֵי שַׂלְמָא בֵּית לֶחֶם וּנְטוֹפָתִי עַטְרוֹת בֵּית יוֹאָב וַחֲצִי הַמָּנַחְתִּי הַצָּרְעִי׃   2:54

1Chr 2:54   The sons of Salma were Beth-lechem, and Netophathi, Atroth-beth-joab, and half of the Manahathite, the Zorite.

וּמִשְׁפְּחֹות סֹפְרִים (יֹשְׁבוּ) [יֹשְׁבֵי] יַעְבֵּץ תִּרְעָתִים שִׁמְעָתִים שׂוּכָתִים הֵמָּה הַקִּינִים הַבָּאִים מֵחַמַּת   2:55

 אֲבִי בֵית־רֵכָב׃

1Chr 2:55   And the families of scribes, dwellers of Jabez, were Tirathites, Shimeathites, Sucathites.  They were the Kenites coming from Hammath, the father of the house of Rechab.

The word in the parentheses, translated as dwellers of, is misspelled.  The correction in the brackets replaces the vav suffix with a yad.


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