Psalms 93


יְהוָה מָלָךְ גֵּאוּת לָבֵשׁ לָבֵשׁ יְהוָה עֹז הִתְאַזָּר אַף־תִּכּוֹן תֵּבֵל בַּל־תִּמּוֹט׃   93:1

Psal. 93:1   The Lord reigns, He wears majesty;

                              The Lord wears might;

                     He has girded Himself.

                              Indeed the universe must be established;

                     it cannot be disturbed;

נָכוֹן כִּסְאֲךָ מֵאָז מֵעוֹלָם אָתָּה׃   93:2

Psal. 93:2   Your throne has been established from the earliest time;

                             You are everlasting.

נָשְׂאוּ נְהָרוֹת יְהוָה נָשְׂאוּ נְהָרוֹת קוֹלָם יִשְׂאוּ נְהָרוֹת דָּכְיָם׃   93:3

Psal. 93:3   The rivers lift up, O Lord.

                             The rivers lift up their voice.

                      Let the rivers lift up their crashing.

מִקֹּלוֹת מַיִם רַבִּים אַדִּירִים מִשְׁבְּרֵי־יָם אַדִּיר בַּמָּרוֹם יְהוָה׃   93:4

Psal. 93:4   Than the voices of many waters,

                              the majestic breakers of the sea,

                       the Lord on high is mightier.

עֵדֹתֶיךָ נֶאֶמְנוּ מְאֹד לְבֵיתְךָ נַאֲוָה־קֹדֶשׁ יְהוָה לְאֹרֶךְ יָמִים׃   93:5

Psal. 93:5   Your testimonies are exceedingly sure;

                              holiness is befitting for Your house, O Lord,

                      for the length of time.


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