Psalms 112


This psalm appears to be a companion to the previous psalm.  It follows the same kind of acrostic.  In fact, each of its verses begins with the same letter as the corresponding verse of the earlier psalm.  So this psalm follows the same pattern of starting letters as I described for Psalm 111.

הַלְלוּ יָהּ אַשְׁרֵי־אִישׁ יָרֵא אֶת־יְהוָה בְּמִצְוֺתָיו חָפֵץ מְאֹד׃   112:1

Psal. 112:1   Hallelujah!

                              Happy is the one revering the Lord,

                        delighting abundantly in His commandments.

גִּבּוֹר בָּאָרֶץ יִהְיֶה זַרְעוֹ דּוֹר יְשָׁרִים יְבֹרָךְ׃   112:2

Psal. 112:2   His seed shall be mighty on the earth,

                                the generation of the upright shall be blessed.

הוֹן־וָעֹשֶׁר בְּבֵיתוֹ וְצִדְקָתוֹ עֹמֶדֶת לָעַד׃   112:3

Psal. 112:3   Wealth and riches shall be in his house,

                                as His righteousness is enduring forever.

זָרַח בַּחֹשֶׁךְ אֹור לַיְשָׁרִים חַנּוּן וְרַחוּם וְצַדִּיק׃   112:4

Psal. 112:4   He shines a light in the darkness for the upright,

                                being gracious and compassionate and righteous.

טוֹב־אִישׁ חוֹנֵן וּמַלְוֶה יְכַלְכֵּל דְּבָרָיו בְּמִשְׁפָּט׃   112:5

Psal. 112:5   Good is the gracious one, and lending,

                                 he would fulfill his words with justice,

כִּי־לְעוֹלָם לֹא־יִמּוֹט לְזֵכֶר עוֹלָם יִהְיֶה צַדִּיק׃   112:6

Psal. 112:6   that he shall not ever be moved.

                                 Righteousness shall be always remembered.

מִשְּׁמוּעָה רָעָה לֹא יִירָא נָכוֹן לִבּוֹ בָּטֻחַ בַּיהוָה׃   112:7

Psal. 112:7   He shall not be frightened by an evil rumor;

                                 his heart shall be steadfast, trusting in the Lord.

סָמוּךְ לִבּוֹ לֹא יִירָא עַד אֲשֶׁר־יִרְאֶה בְצָרָיו׃   112:8

Psal. 112:8   His heart is upheld;

                                 he shall not fear

                        even if he should look on his adversaries.

פִּזַּר נָתַן לָאֶבְיוֹנִים צִדְקָתוֹ עֹמֶדֶת לָעַד קַרְנוֹ תָּרוּם בְּכָבוֹד׃   112:9

Psal. 112:9   Dispersing, he gives to the needy.

                                 His righteousness is enduring forever,

                        his horn shall be exalted in honor.

רָשָׁע יִרְאֶה וְכָעָס שִׁנָּיו יַחֲרֹק וְנָמָס תַּאֲוַת רְשָׁעִים תֹּאבֵד׃   112:10

Psal. 112:10   Let the wicked one see and be vexed;

                                   let him gnash his teeth, but he will melt away.

                          The desire of the wicked shall perish.

I’m sorry, but I don’t like what this psalm seems to be saying.  It’s the kind of message that allows people who enjoy success to consider themselves special and worthy.  While everyone may be special to the Lord, none of us in this world deserves what good comes our way.  We are each of us sinners.  Everything we consider good in our lives should be seen as a precious gift of grace.


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