Leviticus 22


וַיְדַבֵּר יְהוָה אֶל־מֹשֶׁה לֵּאמֹר   22:1

Levi. 22:1  And the Lord spoke to Moses saying,

דַּבֵּר אֶל־אַהֲרֹן וְאֶל־בָּנָיו וְיִנָּזְרוּ מִקָּדְשֵׁי בְנֵי־יִשְׂרָאֵל וְלֹא יְחַלְּלוּ אֶת־שֵׁם קָדְשִׁי אֲשֶׁר הֵם מַקְדִּשִׁים   22:2

לִי אֲנִי יְהוָה

Levi. 22:2  “Speak to Aaron and to his sons that they have been separated more than the holy things of the children of Israel, so they will not profane My holy name, because they have been consecrated to Me.”

                                                                            “I am the Lord.”

The priests are more holy than the sacrifices to be brought by the people.

אֱמֹר אֲלֵהֶם לְדֹרֹתֵיכֶם כָּל־אִישׁ אֲשֶׁר־יִקְרַב מִכָּל־זַרְעֲכֶם אֶל־הַקֳּדָשִׁים אֲשֶׁר יַקְדִּישׁוּ בְנֵי־יִשְׂרָאֵל   22:3

לַיהוָה וְטֻמְאָתֹו עָלָיו וְנִכְרְתָה הַנֶּפֶשׁ הַהִוא מִלְּפָנַי אֲנִי יְהוָה

Levi. 22:3  “Say to them, ‘For your generations, any man, of any of your seed, who will approach to the holy things which the children of Israel will hallow to the Lord, and his uncleanness is on him, then that soul shall be cut off from before Me.’”

                                                                             “I am the Lord.”

אִישׁ אִישׁ מִזֶּרַע אַהֲרֹן וְהוּא צָרוּעַ אֹו זָב בַּקֳּדָשִׁים לֹא יֹאכַל עַד אֲשֶׁר יִטְהָר וְהַנֹּגֵעַ בְּכָל־טְמֵא־   22:4

נֶפֶשׁ אֹו אִישׁ אֲשֶׁר־תֵּצֵא מִמֶּנּוּ שִׁכְבַת־זָרַע

Levi. 22:4  “Any man who is from the seed of Aaron and is of a malignancy or has an issue, he shall not eat with the holy utensils until he will become clean.  And anyone who would be making contact with anyone unclean of the dead or anyone from whom a discharge of seed would come out,

In this verse the phrase discharge of seed appears again.

אֹו־אִישׁ אֲשֶׁר יִגַּע בְּכָל־שֶׁרֶץ אֲשֶׁר יִטְמָא־לֹו אֹו בְאָדָם אֲשֶׁר יִטְמָא־לֹו לְכֹל טֻמְאָתֹו   22:5

Levi. 22:5  or anyone who might come in contact with any creeping thing that would make him unclean, or with someone who would make him unclean by all his uncleanness,

נֶפֶשׁ אֲשֶׁר תִּגַּע־בֹּו וְטָמְאָה עַד־הָעָרֶב וְלֹא יֹאכַל מִן־הַקֳּדָשִׁים כִּי אִם־רָחַץ בְּשָׂרֹו בַּמָּיִם   22:6

Levi. 22:6  the soul of whom will come in contact with it thus shall be unclean till the evening and shall not eat from the holy things until if he has bathed his flesh in water.”

וּבָא הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ וְטָהֵר וְאַחַר יֹאכַל מִן־הַקֳּדָשִׁים כִּי לַחְמֹו הוּא    22:7

Levi. 22:7  “When the sun has gone, then he shall be clean, and then he may eat from the holy things, because it is his food.”

נְבֵלָה וּטְרֵפָה לֹא יֹאכַל לְטָמְאָה־בָהּ אֲנִי יְהוָה   22:8

Levi. 22:8  “He shall not eat that which dies by itself or that which is torn by beasts to be defiled by it.”

                                                                           “I am the Lord.”

וְשָׁמְרוּ אֶת־מִשְׁמַרְתִּי וְלֹא־יִשְׂאוּ עָלָיו חֵטְא וּמֵתוּ בֹו כִּי יְחַלְּלֻהוּ אֲנִי יְהוָה מְקַדְּשָׁם   22:9

Levi. 22:9  “They shall therefore keep My charge so they will not bear sin because of it and die by it if they would profane it.  I am the Lord Who sanctifies them.”

וְכָל־זָר לֹא־יֹאכַל קֹדֶשׁ תֹּושַׁב כֹּהֵן וְשָׂכִיר לֹא־יֹאכַל קֹדֶשׁ   22:10

Levi. 22:10   “And no stranger shall eat a holy thing.  Neither shall a tenant of a priest or a hired servant eat a holy thing.”

וְכֹהֵן כִּי־יִקְנֶה נֶפֶשׁ קִנְיַן כַּסְפֹּו הוּא יֹאכַל בֹּו וִילִיד בֵּיתֹו הֵם יֹאכְלוּ בְלַחְמֹו   22:11

Levi. 22:11   “But were a priest to buy a person, the purchase of his money, he may eat with him, and any born of his house, they may eat with his bread.”

וּבַת־כֹּהֵן כִּי תִהְיֶה לְאִישׁ זָר הִוא בִּתְרוּמַת הַקֳּדָשִׁים לֹא תֹאכֵל   22:12

Levi. 22:12   “And if the daughter of a priest would become a stranger’s, she could not partake in an offering of the holy things.”

וּבַת־כֹּהֵן כִּי תִהְיֶה אַלְמָנָה וּגְרוּשָׁה וְזֶרַע אֵין לָהּ וְשָׁבָה אֶל־בֵּית אָבִיהָ כִּנְעוּרֶיהָ מִלֶּחֶם אָבִיהָ   22:13

תֹּאכֵל וְכָל־זָר לֹא־יֹאכַל בֹּו

Levi. 22:13   “But if the daughter of a priest would become a widow or divorced and there is not a child for her and she were to return to the house of her father as in her youth, she may eat from the bread of her father, but no stranger shall eat with him.”

וְאִישׁ כִּי־יֹאכַל קֹדֶשׁ בִּשְׁגָגָה וְיָסַף חֲמִשִׁיתֹו עָלָיו וְנָתַן לַכֹּהֵן אֶת־הַקֹּדֶשׁ   22:14

Levi. 22:14   “And if a man were to eat of a holy thing in error, then he shall give the holy thing to the priest and add a fifth of it on to it.”

וְלֹא יְחַלְּלוּ אֶת־קָדְשֵׁי בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל אֵת אֲשֶׁר־יָרִימוּ לַיהוָה   22:15

Levi. 22:15   “So they shall not profane the holy things of the children of Israel, the things that they would raise up to the Lord,

וְהִשִּׂיאוּ אֹותָם עֲוֹן אַשְׁמָה בְּאָכְלָם אֶת־קָדְשֵׁיהֶם כִּי אֲנִי יְהוָה מְקַדְּשָׁם   22:16

Levi. 22:16   and cause them to bear the iniquity of guiltiness by their eating their holy things, for I am the Lord Who sanctifies them.”

וַיְדַבֵּר יְהוָה אֶל־מֹשֶׁה לֵּאמֹר   22:17

Levi. 22:17   And the Lord spoke to Moses saying,

דַּבֵּר אֶל־אַהֲרֹן וְאֶל־בָּנָיו וְאֶל כָּל־בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל וְאָמַרְתָּ אֲלֵהֶם אִישׁ אִישׁ מִבֵּית יִשְׂרָאֵל וּמִן־הַגֵּר   22:18

בְּיִשְׂרָאֵל אֲשֶׁר יַקְרִיב קָרְבָּנֹו לְכָל־נִדְרֵיהֶם וּלְכָל־נִדְבֹותָם אֲשֶׁר־יַקְרִיבוּ לַיהוָה לְעֹלָה

Levi. 22:18   “Speak to Aaron and to his sons, and to all the children of Israel, and you shall say to them, ‘Any one of the house of Israel or of the community of strangers in Israel who would bring his offering for any of their vows or for their freewill offerings that they would bring to the Lord for a burnt offering

לִרְצֹנְכֶם תָּמִים זָכָר בַּבָּקָר בַּכְּשָׂבִים וּבָעִזִּים   22:19

Levi. 22:19   without blemish for your acceptance, a male among the herd, among the lambs, or among the goats,

כֹּל אֲשֶׁר־בֹּו מוּם לֹא תַקְרִיבוּ כִּי־לֹא לְרָצֹון יִהְיֶה לָכֶם   22:20

Levi. 22:20   you shall not bring any in which there is a blemish, for it will not be acceptable for you.’

וְאִישׁ כִּי־יַקְרִיב זֶבַח־שְׁלָמִים לַיהוָה לְפַלֵּא־נֶדֶר אֹו לִנְדָבָה בַּבָּקָר אֹו בַצֹּאן תָּמִים יִהְיֶה לְרָצֹון כָּל־   22:21

מוּם לֹא יִהְיֶה־בֹּו

Levi. 22:21   ‘And one who would bring a sacrifice of peace offerings to the Lord to fulfill a vow, or of free will, of the herd or the flock, it shall be perfect for acceptance.  No blemish shall be in it;

עַוֶּרֶת אֹו שָׁבוּר אֹו־חָרוּץ אֹו־יַבֶּלֶת אֹו גָרָב אֹו יַלֶּפֶת לֹא־תַקְרִיבוּ אֵלֶּה לַיהוָה וְאִשֶּׁה לֹא־תִתְּנוּ   22:22

מֵהֶם עַל־הַמִּזְבֵּחַ לַיהוָה

Levi. 22:22   blinded or broken or maimed, or sore or scurvy or scab.  You shall not offer these to the Lord and you shall not make a fire offering of any of them on the altar to the Lord.’

וְשֹׁור וָשֶׂה שָׂרוּעַ וְקָלוּט נְדָבָה תַּעֲשֶׂה אֹתֹו וּלְנֵדֶר לֹא יֵרָצֶה   22:23

Levi. 22:23   ‘Either a bullock or a lamb with something too long or too short, you may offer it as a freewill offering, but it shall not be acceptable for a vow.’

וּמָעוּךְ וְכָתוּת וְנָתוּק וְכָרוּת לֹא תַקְרִיבוּ לַיהוָה וּבְאַרְצְכֶם לֹא תַעֲשׂוּ   22:24

Levi. 22:24   And what is emasculated or broken or torn or cut, you shall not offer to the Lord.  You shall not do thus in your land.’

In v. 22:21 God says no blemish shall be in peace offerings, free will offerings, or an offering to fulfill a vow.  In vss. 22:22 to this one, the Lord details the blemishes He refers to: Blind, broken, maimed, sore, scurvy, scab, a too short or too long member (for a peace offering or a free will offering), emasculated, torn, or cut.  All visible defects.

וּמִיַּד בֶּן־נֵכָר לֹא תַקְרִיבוּ אֶת־לֶחֶם אֱלֹהֵיכֶם מִכָּל־אֵלֶּה כִּי מָשְׁחָתָם בָּהֶם מוּם בָּם לֹא יֵרָצוּ לָכֶם   22:25

Levi. 22:25   ‘And you shall not offer the bread of your God from the hand of a foreigner, from any of them, for their corruption is in them.  A blemish is in them; they shall not be acceptable to you.’”

וַיְדַבֵּר יְהוָה אֶל־מֹשֶׁה לֵּאמֹר   22:26

Levi. 22:26   And the Lord spoke to Moses saying,

שֹׁור אֹו־כֶשֶׂב אֹו־עֵז כִּי יִוָּלֵד וְהָיָה שִׁבְעַת יָמִים תַּחַת אִמֹּו וּמִיֹּום הַשְּׁמִינִי וָהָלְאָה יֵרָצֶה לְקָרְבַּן   22:27

אִשֶּׁה לַיהוָה

Levi. 22:27   “When a bullock or a sheep or a goat will be born, then it shall be seven days under its mother, but from the eighth day and thereafter it shall be acceptable for a sacrifice of a fire offering to the Lord.”

See the discussion on Exod. 23:19 for the significance of this verse on the distinction between milk and meat.

וְשֹׁור אֹו־שֶׂה אֹתֹו וְאֶת־בְּנֹו לֹא תִשְׁחֲטוּ בְּיֹום אֶחָד   22:28

Levi. 22:28   ”And you shall not slaughter a cow or a ewe, it and its young, in the same day.”

וְכִי־תִזְבְּחוּ זֶבַח־תֹּודָה לַיהוָה לִרְצֹנְכֶם תִּזְבָּחוּ   22:29

Levi. 22:29   “And when you sacrifice a thanksgiving sacrifice to the Lord, you shall sacrifice for your satisfaction.”

בַּיֹּום הַהוּא יֵאָכֵל לֹא־תֹותִירוּ מִמֶּנּוּ עַד־בֹּקֶר אֲנִי יְהוָה   22:30

Levi. 22:30   “On that day it shall be eaten; you shall not leave any of it till the morning.”

                                                                      “I am the Lord.”

This verse and the previous one essentially repeat what was written in Levi. 7:15.

וּשְׁמַרְתֶּם מִצְוֹתַי וַעֲשִׂיתֶם אֹתָם אֲנִי יְהוָה   22:31

Levi. 22:31   “And you shall keep My commandments and do them.”

                                                                      “I am the Lord.”

וְלֹא תְחַלְּלוּ אֶת־שֵׁם קָדְשִׁי וְנִקְדַּשְׁתִּי בְּתֹוךְ בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל אֲנִי יְהוָה מְקַדִּשְׁכֶם   22:32

Levi. 22:32   “And you shall not profane My holy name, but I will be hallowed among the children of Israel.  I am the Lord Who is sanctifying you,

הַמֹּוצִיא אֶתְכֶם מֵאֶרֶץ מִצְרַיִם לִהְיֹות לָכֶם לֵאלֹהִים אֲנִי יְהוָה   22:33

Levi. 22:33   Who brought you out of the land of Egypt to be your God.”

                                                                       “I am the Lord.”

Torah Commandments in this Chapter

264. The soul of a priest who approaches any sacrifice when

         he is unclean shall be cut off from before the Lord.    V. 22:3

265. A priest who is unclean may not eat of any sacrifice.    V. 22:4 - 22:6

266. When an unclean priest has bathed himself and the sun

         is gone, he will be clean and may eat from the sacrifices.    V. 22:6 - 22:7

267. No stranger or a tenant or hired hand of a priest may eat of

         a sacrifice.    V. 22:10

268. The slave of a priest, as well as the slave’s family, may eat

         of a sacrifice.    V. 22:11

269. If the daughter of a priest were to marry a stranger, she could

        not eat of a sacrifice.    V. 22:12

270. If the daughter of a priest who becomes divorced or widowed

        and who has no children returns to the priest's house, she

        may eat of sacrifice.    V. 22:13

271. Someone who eats of a sacrifice in error shall give it to the

        priest and add a fifth to it.    V. 22:14

272. You shall not offer a blemished animal to the Lord and you shall not make

         a fire offering of any of them.    V. 22:21, 22:22

273. A bullock or a lamb that has an appendage too long or too

        short may be offered as a freewill offering.    V. 22:23

274. A bullock or a lamb that has an appendage too long or too

        short not may be offered for a vow.    V. 22:23

275. No sacrifice from a foreigner shall be acceptable.    V. 22:25

276. An animal that is eight days old or older may be offered as a

        burnt offering.    V. 22:27

277. You shall not slaughter an animal and its offspring on the same

        day.    V. 22:28

278. You shall not profane the name of the Lord.    V. 22:32


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