Font Instructions


Before you begin exploring this site, I would ask you to download two Hebrew fonts, if you don’t already have them, so that the Hebrew you will encounter on htis website can be properly viewed.  They are the two TrueType font files, SBL_Hbrw.ttf and BWHebb.ttf

You will need to use your browser.  I have tested browsers Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.  They all work except for Internet Explorer.  The site from which you will download the first font no longer  supports Internet Explorer.

To get the first font, click here.  Then click on “download.”  The next step depends on the browser you’re using.  For example, in Firefox, you’ll see a window with the choices “Open with” and “Save File.”  Make sure “Save File” is selected. then click “OK.”  The font should be downloaded to the default location on your hard drive.

to get the second font, click here.  Then click on “DOWNLOAD FREE FOR PERSONAL USE.” The next step depends on your browser, as stated above.

To install the fonts, in Windows Explorer (or File Explorer) navigate to the location on your hard drive the fonts were saved.  Then right-click on one of the fonts ad click “Install.”  Repeat for the second font.

Note that the Mac version of the fonts will not work in Mac OS X and later.  Instead, you should simply install the Windows fonts (into your Library/Fonts folder).  Mac OS X should be able to recognize the TrueType fonts without difficulty.

Having performed the above operations correctly, you should see two Hebrew words here:

 larfy   יַעֲקֹב

The first word (on the left) is in BWHebb font and the second is in SBL_Hbrw font.  If you haven’t left your browser since downloading and installing the fonts, you should click on the refresh or reload button in your browser.


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