Psalms 87


לִבְנֵי־קֹרַח מִזְמֹור שִׁיר יְסוּדָתֹו בְּהַרְרֵי־קֹדֶשׁ׃   87:1

Psal. 87:1   A psalm for the sons of Korach, a song:

                               His foundation is in the mountains of holiness.

אֹהֵב יְהוָה שַׁעֲרֵי צִיּוֹן מִכֹּל מִשְׁכְּנוֹת יַעֲקֹב׃   87:2

Psal. 87:2   God is more loving of the gates of Zion

                                than of all the dwellings of Jacob.

נִכְבָּדוֹת מְדֻבָּר בָּךְ עִיר הָאֱלֹהִים סֶלָה׃   87:3

Psal. 87:3   He is declaring glorious things about you,

                                the city of God.            Selah.

אַזְכִּיר רַהַב וּבָבֶל לְיֹדְעָי הִנֵּה פְלֶשֶׁת וְצוֹר עִם־כּוּשׁ זֶה יֻלַּד־שָׁם׃   87:4

Psal. 87:4   “I must mention Rahab and Babylon to those knowing Me;

                                behold, Philistia and Tyre, with Ethiopia;

                      the same is born there.”

Most of the traditional enemies of Israel!  Rehab is another name for Egypt.          [Return to Psal. 89:11]

וּלֲצִיּוֹן יֵאָמַר אִישׁ וְאִישׁ יֻלַּד־בָּהּ וְהוּא יְכוֹנְנֶהָ עֶלְיוֹן׃   87:5

Psal. 87:5   And about Zion, it shall be said,

                                 “Each and every one was born in it,

                     and He, the Most High, shall establish it.

יְהוָה יִסְפֹּר בִּכְתוֹב עַמִּים זֶה יֻלַּד־שָׁם סֶלָה׃   87:6

Psal. 87:6   The Lord shall number the peoples in the register:

                                 “This one was born there.”            Selah.

וְשָׁרִים כְּחֹלְלִים כָּל־מַעְיָנַי בָּךְ׃   87:7

Psal. 87:7   “As they will be singing,

                                 as they will be playing the pipes,

                      all My ‘thoughts’ will be with you.”

What a brilliant, beautiful psalm of describing the Lord’s love for Zion and for all peoples!  All of them will be among the Lord’s children.  Even Israel’s perennial and most vicious enemies will be counted as being born in Zion.  All expressed in so succinct a manner!


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