Font Instructions


Before you begin exploring this site, I would ask you to download two Hebrew fonts, if you don’t already have them, so that the Hebrew you will encounter can be properly viewed.  They are the two TrueType font files, SBL_Hbrw.ttf and BWHebb.ttf.  Before doing anything, please read through all the instructions in the next three paragraphs; then click on the two links in the fourth paragraph below one at a time.  The following instructions apply only if you’re viewing this on a Windows PC, that is, a desktop or laptop computer.  If you’re using a tablet or smartphone, please google “tablet fonts” or “smartphone fonts” for the appropriate directions.  On Android devices, you  probably can’t install any given font, so you may be out of luck.

The dialogue window that opens when you click on each of the respective links depends on the browser and operating system you’re using.  In any case, it should ask you where you want to save the file (possibly first if you want to save or run the file -- choose “save”). Save the file to the C:\ directory of your hard drive.  That is, in the “save as” window you may then see, navigate to the C: drive, then click the button labeled “Save” or “Continue” or “OK,” whichever is showing.  Repeat this for the second font file.

For  Windows 10:

Click Start button>Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Fonts.  Then Click File>Install New Font. Next, in the Add Fonts dialog box, under Drives, click the C:\ drive.  Then under Folders, double-click the C:\ folder.  Finally, under List of fonts, click the first font you want to add, and click Install.  Then repeat this last step for the second font.  For Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, navigate to the two font files (in Windows Explorer), right click one of them and choose “Install;” then do the same for the second font.  For Windows XP, click on the START button (lower left on the desktop) and select CONTROL PANEL. Double-click on FONTS to open the font directory window.  From the drop-down FILE menu of that window choose INSTALL NEW FONT.  In the window that opens, use the tree diagram to navigate to the directory where you saved the two TrueType font files, then highlight both file names and click OK. The fonts will then be installed. 

Note that the Mac version of the fonts will not work in Mac OS X and later.  Instead, you should simply install the Windows fonts (into your Library/Fonts folder).  Mac OS X should be able to recognize the TrueType fonts without difficulty.

Now download the SBL_Hbrw font here, and the BWHebb font here.

Having performed the above operations correctly, you should see two Hebrew words here: larfy   יַעֲקֹב.  The first word (on the left) is in BWHebb font and the second is in SBL_Hbrw font.  If you haven’t left your browser since downloading and installing the fonts, you should click on the refresh or reload button in your browser.


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